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Access Control

If you want a more efficient way to keep track of who goes where at your business, then access control is an ideal business technology solution.



We offer 24-7 local service and support for all of our quality products. We will help you to install your product of choice, while also training your staff how to properly use all of the equipment.



As a full-service provider in ID solutions, we have an extensive selection of accessories to go along with your ID badges as well as ribbons, cards, wristbands, labels, ink rollers and more!


Voice Logging

Call recording is a necessity for some industries. Voice logging can be used for analytics, performance enhancement, compliance and quality assurance while keeping your communications secure.

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Improving the security of your business is an important aspect of protecting your bottom line. Without adequate protection, your business runs the risk of easy infiltration, corporate espionage, business theft, employee theft, and more. By protecting your business with adequate and necessary equipment, you’ll prevent all of that while helping yourself, your employees, and your customers feel much safer and more secure in your working environment.

Capture Technologies specializes in the protection of businesses, employees, and assets through the use of ID badges, access points, video surveillance, call recording, and more. When combined, these tools and equipment help your business to stay on top of protecting the bottom line from preventable damage and company loss.

Access Control Solutions
Installing or updating access control points is a vital component to improving business security. Access control solutions can be used in a variety of different settings. From PC-based and wireless solutions to stand-alone solutions, there is an access control solution for your business’ specific needs.

Access control allows you to customize the entry through any entrance or exit in the building. Access control points will log keycard use every time, allowing you to see who is using what entrance when. Furthermore, having full control over access allows you to customize entries for employees at different security levels.

Local Services and Support
Capture Technologies provides 24/7 local service and support for all of our quality products. With our business technology solutions like call recording, video surveillance and access control points, you can rest assured that your business will not only be protected, but you will have helpful support to work through any issues that arise at any point.

Our team will thoroughly train the employees of your business to ensure that your own team can operate every system installed on site. We understand the importance of having a properly installed and fully functional security system in place. We will do everything we can to make sure you feel as secure as our security equipment is.

From ID badges to badge accessories, we make it easy for you to improve the identification process at your business. Using ID badges can be a great way to help your team manage various security levels, identify other employees within a large organization, or recognize who is a guest in the building.

Capture Technologies can create custom ID badges for your business or provide you with your very own ID badge maker. Employee photo ID badges are vital for improving security on a daily basis. Ask us about plastic cards printing, customer embossers, employee badges, and more.

Call Recording
Call recording is very valuable for industries and businesses where analytics, compliance, performance, and quality assurance are key to improving the bottom line, protecting assets, and keeping valuable information secure. With voice recording, you can choose how you want to utilize the service. From VoIP phone solutions to keeping voice recording logs, you can ensure that any incoming or outgoing line of communication is monitored for performance or identifying red flags.

Video Surveillance
Video surveillance, through the use of security cameras, helps you physically see what is going on inside and outside of your building. Whether you need to ensure that employees are staying honest or want to keep an eye on individuals coming and going, installing a business security camera will help you to improve overall surveillance.

Improve your business security and improve the bottom line with Capture Technologies. We proudly serve the communities of Oakland, Glendale, and Sacramento. Give us a call at (800) 544-5050 or come see us today!