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  • Identification
    For businesses of all kinds, we provide identification products that keep assets secure. Whether your company needs a simple ID stock, desktop printers or identification software, we have a solution.
  • Security
    Security cameras and access control solutions are key to keeping your business secure. Our solutions help to keep your assets protected.
  • Recording
    We provide the latest call recording products for public safety and call centers. Ask us about how you can make the switch over to today’s modern recording technologies.
  • Communications
    Keep your staff and customers connected with the greatest of ease. Our IP telephony and communications solutions will help to lower costs and keep conversations going all at the same time.
  • Solutions
    Problem solving is what we do best. We carry a wide variety of products that are made to make your job easier. From call recording for public safety, to embossing for finance, we can help you to get the job done easily.

Capture Technologies, Inc.  focuses on creating innovative and integrative technology solutions for companies and industries of all kinds.  Public safety, finance, healthcare, hospitality and legal services are just some of the different markets that have benefited from our technology products.  Our security, call recording, identification, embossing and dictation products help businesses to stay safe while keeping communications simple.  With impeccable customer service, local on-site support, and the latest technology products, we make it our mission to improve your business.  Ask us how we can improve your operations today.

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We offer 24-7 local service and support for all of our quality products. We will help you to install your product of choice, while also training your staff how to properly use all of the equipment. Not only that, but we’ll help you with preventative maintenance and emergency maintenance to ensure your satisfaction.

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