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school security

Schools Learn More About the Importance of Security

While private schools are certainly taking the lead on school security, schools of all kinds are recognizing the importance of new security system.  Even when the budget isn’t necessarily there, […]
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Capture Concentrates on NG911 at CalNENA 2013

Technology is changing, and so is public safety.  As the public safety answering points (PSAPs) begin to switch to Next Generation 911 (NG911), Capture Technologies understands how important it is […]
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Public Safety Capture

Keeping Shopping Centers Secure

Tragic shootings have been happening all over the country, sometimes in the most familiar, yet unexpected places.  After a masked gunman opened fire in an Oregon shopping mall yesterday, authorities […]
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social media

How Social Media is Helping Public Safety

Everyone knows that the social media is great for sharing things with friends.  Now, we’re finding out that it’s great for sharing all kinds of things with people, including crime […]
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South L.A. Gets a Security Boost

South L.A. residents have been asking for new surveillance cameras for a long time.  After a teenager was shot at a local park last week, it looks like officials are […]
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Video Surveillance

A Brief History of IP Video

has come a long way.  While CCTV hasn’t improved much since the 90’s, many improvements have happened with IP security videos over the years.  16 years ago, Axis Communications Co-Founder […]
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transporation card

Android App Hacks into Transit Smart Cards

Android is making it easy for transit riders to steal free rides.  With Android’s NFC enabled smartphone and their “UltraReset” application, transit riders in several U.S. cities can simply wipe […]
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Our Nation’s Security Technology – After 9/11

Technology has always been one of America’s strong suits.  It’s obvious that on the day of the 9/11 attacks, security technology could have been lacking.  However, now we have the […]
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Capture Technologies to Attend Southern California Hospitality Conference

California depends on tourism.  That’s why Capture Technologies is heading south to offer security products and solutions at the California Tourism Safety and Security Conference.  From security cameras to access […]
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OpenEye Improves Image Quality with CM-216

OpenEye keeps on working on the image quality for their 200-series.  With their recent release of the analog CM-216 in-door camera, users will be able to see the full picture.  […]
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