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Introducing OpenEye’s New Indoor Security Camera

Security doesn’t have to be difficult. OpenEye keeps making it easy, with their new CM-M806 IP HD PTZ indoor camera. Unlike other security cameras, it’s lightweight, and easy to install […]
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OpenEye Improves Image Quality with CM-216

OpenEye keeps on working on the image quality for their 200-series.  With their recent release of the analog CM-216 in-door camera, users will be able to see the full picture.  […]
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K-12 Education

Schools Are Getting Serious About Security

It’s not just high schools or colleges that are getting security systems anymore.  Schools of all sizes are upgrading and signing up for new security solutions to ensure the safety […]
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OpenEye Creates a Crisper Vision with the Indoor Dome with D-WDR

Just in time for Cyber Monday, OpenEye has released their new high resolution indoor dome camera.  If you’re looking for an indoor security solution that can make a crystal clear […]
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Video Surveillance

The Pros and Cons of IP and Analog Cameras

If you’re ready to purchase video surveillance equipment, one of the biggest questions you might be asking yourself is: What’s the difference between IP and analog?  The truth is, there […]
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The Difference Between Analog and IP Video Surveillance

If your company is concerned about theft and burglary, upgrading to an IP video surveillance system could be your solution.  But what’s the difference between analog and IP video anyway?  […]
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Surround Video

Surveillance Cameras are Cutting Down Crime in Oakland

In the city of Oakland, CA 40 surveillance cameras have been installed on International Boulevard within just the past few months.  As the city has recently seen a rise in […]
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