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Cutting the Policy on Clipper Card Privacy

With just a simple swipe of a Clipper card, Bay Area residents can hop on nearly any bus or train.  Transit smart cards are catching on, with over one million […]
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Oakland Offers New IDs for Residents

Oakland, Calif. is the place to be if you don’t have an ID.  Oakland is now the first city in the country to offer ID cards to residents that serve […]
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voter id

Voter ID Heads Back to Court

The controversy over voter ID laws is continuing.  Today, a judge is still deciding whether Pennsylvania’s new law should be blocked.  While the law was last upheld in August, some […]
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facial recognition

FBI Plans for Identification through Facial Recognition

Old fingerprinting systems are getting an upgrade.  The FBI is creating a new nationwide identification program that could lead to more efficient law enforcement.  It’s called the Next Generation Identification […]
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IACP 2012

Get Ready to Attend the IACP Conference with Capture Technologies

Police departments around the world need to stay informed on the latest in public safety technology.  That’s why Capture Technologies will be attending the International Association of Chiefs of Police […]
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