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Hand Held RecorderIf you’re interested in finding a solution for transcription or dictation, Capture Technologies can help. Our portable recorders can make work lives easier by giving you the ability to streamline your work and organize your recordings. With our top-of-the-line recording equipment you’ll be able to keep track of your work in selected folders. Not only that, but you’ll be able to rely on our products’ ability to save and play back a rich quality audio.

At events such as seminars and lectures where there is distance from the speaker, you can still achieve the clearest recordings. Set the recorder close to the speaker and use the available app to control the recorder from a distance. You can start and stop the recording from a distance so you only capture the content you need. Recorded files and visual indexes linked to the files can be easily uploaded to Dropbox through a smartphone and accessed with a web browser.

Other functions for our dictation devices can include the ability to play music, record and use your device like a microphone at the same time, or you have a choice of a simple desktop recorder as well. New dictation options are arriving every day. Contact us about what might be best for your particular industry today!