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Technology Solutions for Businesses

Contact Center Call Recording

Audio & Screen RecordingAudio and Screen Recording Platform for Capturing, Recording, Storing and Analyzing Customer Interactions

The cornerstone of any WFO solution is reliable, flexible and scalable audio and screen recording. Capture Technologies offer the industry’s leading interaction recording tool which has robust functionality for contact centers of all types and sizes. Available through a completely modular
delivery model with the ability to integrate with a wide-variety of telephony platforms our solutions are ready-made to pay immediate dividends for your operation.

Features include:

  • Optimize The Customer Experience – With customer interactions reliably recorded and deep integration that captures extensive metadata, you can quickly retrieve content and accurately review it for reference and advanced staff training.
  • Reduce Costs – Our unique modular delivery and concurrent licensing model can save you up to 20-50%.
  • Ensure Compliance & Mitigate RiskHave confidence that 100% of customer interactions are securely recorded to help you meet regulatory compliance.
  • Improve Efficiency – Securely and easily manage acquisition, storage, retrieval and playback and lets agents control interaction recordings directly from their desktop and through CRM applications.

Workforce Management

Workforce Optimization – A Unified Call Recording Solution

While many different businesses today are using several different types of software to connect contact centers, our workforce optimization products can help you to get the job done, through just one source. With workforce optimization, you’ll be able to share information with your co-workers so you can more effectively assist your customers. Your customers are sure to appreciate the improved customer service that they receive.

Features include:

Speech Analytics

Every business needs to hear the voice of their customers. With speech analytics, you can make sure that they’re heard. Speech analytics can go through thousands of recordings of customer interactions so that you can better build your company based on what they have to say. Speech analytics can help you to determine exactly what your goals are and how they need to be met.

Features include:

  • Speech Analytics for every type of company
  • Analyze thousands, even millions of conversations
  • Use speech analytics to see where the strengths and weaknesses lie

Compliance RecordingCompliance

Peace of mind that your sensitive information is protected and from stressful audits disrupting operations. Peace of mind that all regulatory obligations are met. The industry’s most stringent solution has been tested and proven in every contact center environment to ensure that you have all the peace of mind you need.

Improve Productivity & Ensure Compliance – The most reliable data security solution in the industry allows you to achieve 100% PCI and HIPAA compliance, even when recording sensitive financial data and health care information.

Scale to Your Needs – You choose from two robust security options so you can be sure that your solution is right for your business.

Gather Evidence – We offer a full range of audit logging and reporting to ensure that critical compliance evidence is waiting for you when you need it.

Workforce Management

Use a software solution that makes scheduling and forecasting simple. Our workforce management solutions simplify complex tasks for call centers, so you can balance your workload with your company’s staff. By using a workforce management solution you can easily forecast and schedule conveniently on the web, marking your work-life easier and more flexible.

Features include:

  • Forecasting – This will give you the ability to combine and alter data to make predictions, such as, contact volume, connect rates and daily or weekly projections.
  • Scheduling – This solution will provide individual scheduling by balancing shift rules, such as, work patterns, breaks, off-phone times, individual skills, proficiencies and goals.
  • Adherence – Supervisors can actually compare an employee phone to their schedule. With the scheduling feature, adherence makes sure that employees are sticking to the schedule, while the supervisor can easily see their activity.
  • Intra-day Management – This provides a real-time graphical view of your forecasted goals combined with how you are actually doing. For statistics, this is the feature you need.
  • Multi-site Management – If you have off-site workers, or workers that work remotely, this will be the feature you need. You’ll be able to apply this to your network, or select locations and you’ll be able to monitor with ease.
  • Planner – This will ensure the long life of your call center. It provides scenarios for when work-life doesn’t always happen as planned. It projects trade-offs for staffing, revenue, vacations and training.
  • Training – Learning courses and quizzes are all provided through this solution. It even provides results in the end to show the supervisor exactly how the staff member did.
  • Coaching – Scheduling, delivering and tracking coaching is provided for those who need it. This can even be based individually.