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Workforce Management

Management made simple

Use a software solution that makes scheduling and forecasting simple. Our workforce management solutions simplify complex tasks for call centers, so you can balance your workload with your company’s staff. By using a workforce management solution you can easily forecast and schedule conveniently on the web, marking your work-life easier and more flexible.

Features include:

  • Forecasting – This will give you the ability to combine and alter data to make predictions, such as, contact volume, connect rates and daily or weekly projections.
  • Scheduling – This solution will provide individual scheduling by balancing shift rules, such as, work patterns, breaks, off-phone times, individual skills, proficiencies and goals.
  • Adherence – Supervisors can actually compare an employee phone to their schedule. With the scheduling feature, adherence makes sure that employees are sticking to the schedule, while the supervisor can easily see their activity.
  • Intra-day Management – This provides a real-time graphical view of your forecasted goals combined with how you are actually doing. For statistics, this is the feature you need.
  • Multi-site Management – If you have off-site workers, or workers that work remotely, this will be the feature you need. You’ll be able to apply this to your network, or select locations and you’ll be able to monitor with ease.
  • Planner – This will ensure the long life of your call center. It provides scenarios for when work-life doesn’t always happen as planned. It projects trade-offs for staffing, revenue, vacations and training.
  • Training – Learning courses and quizzes are all provided through this solution. It even provides results in the end to show the supervisor exactly how the staff member did.
  • Coaching – Scheduling, delivering and tracking coaching is provided for those who need it. This can even be based individually.