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Trunked Radio Recording Solutions for Motorola

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Efficient & reliable recording, storage, management & playback of radio transmissions


Radio Transmission Recording
Audiolog uses an IP interface to connect with the Motorola Archiving Interface Server™ (AIS) to request RTP streams for all radio communications. Recorded transmissions are stored as individual files for quick online playback.

Call Catalog Database
Audiolog collects data from the Motorola ATIA interface for each recorded radio transmission. The entity data (which includes talkgroup ID, talkgroup name, call type, radio ID and primary alias) is cataloged and stored in a high-performance SQL call database on the Audiolog system for easy search and playback.

Call Archiving
Recordings and the entity data associated with each radio transmission can be automatically archived to an Audiolog Central Archive Server™ (CAS) for removable DVD-RAM archiving. Recordings may be uploaded to network-attached storage (NAS) resources for extended online storage.

Key Benefits

  • Provides state-of-the-art IP recording
  • Records talkgroup, telephone interconnects, half-duplex and full-duplex private calls
  • Searches for calls by talkgroup, radio ID, primary alias, call type, date and time
  • Provides multi-channel event reconstruction and playback with talking date/time
  • Makes over 100,000 hours of recordings available online
  • Includes Audiolog SmartScanner for live monitoring of multiple talkgroups
  • Archives voice transmissions and associated data to the same removable media or NAS