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Trunked Radio Recording Solutions for Harris

Radio Transmissions HarrisEfficient, reliable voice recording, storage, management & playback of radio transmissions


Radio Transmission Recording
Voice transmission packets are sent to the Audiolog Trunked Logging Recorder™ via the VNIC interface. The resulting (decrypted) OpenSky or P25IP audio files are immediately written to the Audiolog hard drive for quick playback access.

OTAR Encryption Support
To meet a broad range of needs, optional over-the-air rekeying (OTAR) support is available via integration with the Harris P25IP Key Management Facility.

Call Catalog Database
Entity data for each transmission is simultaneously sent fromthe VNIC interface to the Audiolog Trunked Logging Recorder, which permits entry of the data into a high-performance SQL “catalog” database.

Call Archiving
Recordings and associated call data can optionally be uploaded to an Audiolog Central Archive Server™ (CAS) for DVD-RAM archiving. As an alternative, recording files and their associated data can be uploaded in Audiolog Virtual Media™ folders to a network-attached storage (NAS) system.

Key Benefits

  • Records both OpenSky and P25IP trunked radio transmissions
  • Supports mixed mode OpenSky/ P25IP/Enhanced
  • Digital Access Communication System
  • Tested and certified by Harris
  • Provides quick, convenient event reconstruction and playback
  • OTAR support available for Harris P25IP Key Management Facility
  • Archives voice transmissions and associated data to the same removable media or NAS