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Transit ID Badges & Cards

Transit Card with LaminateCreate a Secure Environment, Streamline Processes & Improve Efficiency

Photo ID badges for staff members and having a visitor badge system in place not only creates a more secure environment, but they can help improve security, safeguard assets and increase efficiency, which are all high priorities for the transit industry. Transportation workers are required to show a company-issued credential in addition to their driver’s license. Capture Technologies can help build the right ID card system that meets all secure ID requirements, whether it be photo ID badges for train operators or ID cards for a fleet of bus drivers.

Many systems and solutions can be combined and integrated together. For example, an ID badge can serve as a cashless payment option, an access key card and also be used for tracking employees. We also offer visitor manager solutions to track who comes into your building, where they go and when they leave.

Additionally, we have a transportation solution for colleges and universities that is unique in the way it’s able to read the information on the public transportation card and assign it to a student ID number in the database. In just one pass through the card printer a student’s information, picture, school logo and design can be transferred onto the new card, making it ready to use in short order accurately and quickly recording the student’s new card information in the records.

The ability to integrate the transit card solution with the School’s current system makes this such an effective solution. Information is stored on both channels on the card and IT support is provided for system administrators as needed.

Having all the student’s information on One Card allows administrators to contact the Transit Authority when a card is lost, damaged, or stolen. This ability to quickly deactivate a card brings incredible peace of mind to the user and provides a more streamlined replacement modality for the system operators.

Our ID solutions are durable, professional and multi-faceted to give you exactly what you’re looking for. We offer a variety of different styles and features to help you make colorful photo ID badges for everyone in your organization.

You can create one card to do the following:

Custom solutions available!