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Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics

Handle dispatch by identifying key words


Speech analytics help public safety answering points to handle calls in a way they never have before. Every day, thousands of calls are received, but with speech analytics you’ll be able to more effectively handle dispatch by identifying key words in conversations.

For example, speech analytics can identify increased use of words like fire, gang, gunshot and more to effectively alert emergency communications centers. With speech analytics, the problem can be solved as soon as possible by identifying crime while it’s happening.

  • Optimize Performance – Eliminate manual tasks and empower your dispatch center to analyze more data, more quickly and more consistently.
  • Improve Efficiency – Analyze agent interaction through key phrases allowing for opportunities to reduce response time.
  • Enhance Customer Service – Find the patterns that make callers calm or create panic quickly with acoustic and key phrase analysis.
  • Ensure Compliance – Know with confidence that what needs saying is, in fact, said and when it’s missing, our automated searches make quick work of identifying gaps to help you proactively mitigate risk.