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Technology Solutions for Businesses

Smart Cards and Proximity Cards

For added security, we offer smart card and proximity card functionality.  Not only that, but we also offer combination cards for those who need to be able to get the most out of one single ID card.  These functionalities work well in a variety of different environments.  Just some of the applications may include: access control, cashless vending, cafeteria services and transportation.

Smart cards and proximity cards are particularly ideal for environments that have specific security needs.  However, regardless of what your security needs may be, we have a particular product that can fit into your business model.

Our proximity cards can be an excellent fit for less demanding security needs.  Our proximity cards can also be made to integrate into your current system, so access control can run smoothly, with a solution that makes your job easier.

If you have a more challenging environment, multi-technology cards may just be for you.  Multi-technology cards mix both smart and proximity, creating one simple, easy-to-use solution.  You can use these cards to open doors and make cashless payments, all while using the same card for identification.