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Audio & Screen Recording

Recording solutions that capture multiple types of media and evaluate your performance


We carry top of the line recording products that can handle recording from a number of different areas. With our advanced multimedia recording solutions for public safety, you’ll be able to enhance your performance, while meeting the demands of NG-911. We know that PSAPs need a recording solution that they can depend upon. That’s why we offer a reliable solution that is easy to use in a variety of environments.

Features include:

  • Be able to record audio, video, screen data, telematics, photos, phone numbers and even locations.
  • A live monitoring system that ensures that policies and procedures are being followed
  • Understand how events happened by being able to play back
  • Evaluate employee performance
  • Be able to report the results
  • Provides powerful, easy-to-use incident reconstruction functionality that’s NG9-1-1/i3-ready.
  • Enables audio, video, text, screen data, telematics, photos, and related data to be replayed simultaneously on a single screen.
  • Supports a wide range of equipment and interfaces.
  • Can be deployed on a single server, standalone server, or virtualized server to support a variety of environments