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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Improve service with the most powerful & flexible quality management solution


If you want to improve your quality of calls in public safety, this is the feature for you. With this quality assurance option you’ll be able to easily measure, analyze, document and improve your overall performance. You’ll even be able to adjust your Workforce Optimization software to take industry standards into account. Public safety call centers will be able to train their staff and evaluate based on new implementations, such as NG-911.

Two ways to validate a high quality customer experience:

Quality Management:

  • Quality Monitoring to score agents is simple with pre-built, complex scoring systems and capabilities
  • Dispute Resolution to find, review, and track interactions as needed
  • Process Verifications to allow for 3rd party review processes

Voice of Customer:

  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Web Based – Hyperlink delivered via email/SMS

Features include:

  • Measure and Improve performance
  • Customize evaluations
  • Play and replay recordings
  • QA reporting
  • View and export reports into any format you choose