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Public Safety

CaseCrackerVideo surveillance in public safety is very important for both law enforcement and for civilians. Video cameras can help to solve crimes, keep track of events and they also provide valuable evidence in the courtroom.

Capture carries a variety of products that are made specifically for public safety. Our solutions are also easily integrative, so you can simply add on to whatever you may already be using.


CaseCracker is our latest solution for public safety. As an all-in-one interview management system, it records audio and video at the same time, all while ensuring that records are compliant for the courtroom. Now, you’ll have not only the ability to record your interview, but the ability to use the interview exactly how you need to.

The ability to respond to the ever-evolving threat landscape requires innovative, integrated and Actionable Intelligence solutions that can synthesize advanced situational awareness, communications and cyber intelligence data. Comprehensive Homeland Security and Public Safety security solutions help organizations detect, deter, contain and prevent threats while improving operational efficiency and communications.

See a dramatization below of an incident using Verint’s Insight Center technology – a next-generation 9-1-1 multimedia recording and incident management platform – that combines audio voice recordings, video and SMS text messaging on a single user-friendly dashboard.

Verint Insight Center from Verint on Vimeo.