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Proximity Cards, Contactless Cards & Readers

Prox and contactless cardsSmart contactless & proximity technology with easy and convenient access control for your facility.

Our contactless smart and proximity cards and readers are easy to integrate into existing security systems or installed as new equipment. While traditional proximity technology is still widely used, the world is rapidly moving to contactless smart cards.  Our contactless smart identification cards increase security, are versatile enough for multiple applications, and can even save money versus “traditional” proximity cards. We offer numerous options to give you a true multi-function system.

ISG Proximity Cards
ISG offers a full line of cost-effective 125 kHz proximity identification cards. With printable ISO Proximity Cards, Clamshell Proximity Cards, Key Fobs, Wristbands and Sticky Discs available, it’s easy to find the right option for your unique needs. All our proximity ID cards include a lifetime warranty. We offer a vast array of bit formats, with over 40 available.


ISG Seal of ApprovalRead our Proximity Credential datasheet.

Secure Contactless Smart ID Cards

Our contactless smart cards and card readers are very secure in the industry. Instead of using open transmission protocols, our cards and readers utilize high security data. Each message between card and reader uses three layers of security:  data encryption, message authentication coding and mutual authentication to ensure data integrity.

MOCA™ Contactless Smart Cards & Readers

MOCA means Multi-application Open Card Architecture. MOCA™ proximity cards provide robust security across multiple applications and open architecture for easy installation and implementation. Applications in additional to door access control can be easily added.  Cards are processed automatically in the card issuance system, eliminating multiple enrollment processes. These cost-effective smart cards are more powerful and secure than traditional proximity ID cards, and provide 100 times faster read speed and 100 times greater storage capacity. We also offer multi technology MOCA™ readers.


Controlers and ReadersMulti-Technology Readers & Credentials

Our multi-technology contactless smart and proximity card readers are the most flexible in the industry. One reader handles all applicable ISO standards (14443 and 15693) and reads both 125 kHz proximity ID cards and 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards. Our multi-technology readers are compatible with many other 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz technologies on the market today. Our dual-technology credentials contain both proximity card and contactless smart card technology in one unit.

View our Door Access Control Reader datasheet.



UBandWearable Access Wristbands
For the ultimate in discreet, functional access we offer the UBand™ MIFARE and Proximity wristbands, which can be customized with your organization’s logo. These durable, water resistant wristbands are an excellent solution, especially for campus environments where access or identification may be necessary for a variety of functions such as building access, vending services, identification, and more. The UBand™ is the perfect solution for students, teachers, janitorial staff, warehouse staff, security guards, transportation workers, healthcare workers, park employees, and more, where quick access might be needed without fumbling for their access card.


For more information, please read our UBand™ brochure.

Zwipe Access CardZwipe Access™ Cards

Adding biometric door access control readers can be expensive and complicated, and many access control providers are not familiar with biometric capture and storage. With Zwipe, a fingerprint is stored on the card, either Proximity (125 KHz) or Contactless Smart (13.56 MHz), and the Zwipe card does not transmit the card number to the door reader until there is a positive match for the fingerprint. Zwipe cards are easy to issue with no need to replace your current prox or contactless readers. Designed specifically for organizations with sensitive areas or high security rooms, Zwipe cards can be issued only to those needing direct access. Capture Technologies can program the cards to meet specific bit formats and numbering sequences as required.