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Dispatch Call Recording Service Provider

Professional ServicesWhy rely on us for your Public Safety compliance recording needs?

With hundreds of existing dispatch call recording and Public Safety installations we are currently in your regional area of service with existing service throughout the state of CA and beyond. Capture provides a tenured service and sales staff with a combined 60+ years experience.

NG911 considerations are critical buying influencers for dispatch call recording. Capture Technologies partners with NG911 initiatives manufacture leaders like NICE, Verint and Red Box.

We have core knowledge of IP call center integration including VoIP, radio, screen recording, new data mining software efficiencies, quality measurements and speech analytics. We work daily with each of the important components, software, and integration platforms that support your Public Safety compliance recording mandates.

Other features:
  • Quality Assurance
  • QA templates & scoring
  • Screen capture of dispatcher’s desktops
  • Full Motorola & Harris radio integrations
  • Local & personalized service & support
  • 24x7 support available
  • Offering multiple recording solutions
  • GSA & CMAS contracts holder
GSA Contract Holder