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Plastic Card Embossers

Personalize embossed credit, debit and ATM cards, patient ID cards and other high-quality cards right from the desktop. You can do this conveniently and affordably with a plastic card embosser.

Plastic card embossing helps the financial industry to keep customers happy with instant issuance. With desktop plastic card embossing, customers no longer have to wait for credit cards and debit cards to arrive in the mail. This not only helps you to create more revenue, but it also gives the customer the power to buy as soon as they want to.


  • Issue high-quality, embossed financial cards on-demand
  • Minimize card pre-printing, inventory and mailing cost
  • Improve cardholder satisfaction and differentiate your brand
  • Configure the modular system to meet your exact requirements
  • Improve activation rates, card usage and other revenue-driving metrics with instant issuance

Intelligent Supplies

We also offer a full range of standard and customized Certified Supplies designed to optimize productivity and minimize per-card costs.

We offer compact, durable and affordable imprinters that are made to last. With our product features, you’ll be able to deliver clean and crisp impressions on hospital forms and documents of all kinds. We offer a number of sizes for variety and convenience for our customers. Each imprinter is easy-to-use, compact in size and ready to help you to make flawless documents.

Features include:

  • Quick change ink rollers
  • Non-slip feet to keep the imprinter in place
  • Simple touch operating handle
  • Biologics print
  • Magnetic print
  • Dry print rollers
  • Black print rollers
  • Side-mounted on/off switches