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Physical & Logical Access

With the evolution of smartcard technology, enterprises can integrate two security environments, (physical and logical access) to provide consolidated management, improved ROI and a total security view.

Capture Technologies can bring together all of the elements necessary for physical and logical access solutions on a single software platform and provide the PKI to issue and manage digital certificates that are deployed to smartcards, mobile devices or USBs, and distributed to end-users. Securing multiple access points such as wireless, VPN, desktops and facilities by relying on separate, often incompatible solutions is expensive and inconvenient for end-users and difficult for administrators to manage.

Physical and logical access

Organizations can also deploy a single strong authentication platform to facilitate enrollment, issuance and management, providing further efficiencies.

A physical and logical access solution infrastructure depends on the nature of the organization or entity that owns and administrates the software and hardware setup. Government physical and logical access security is often different from business physical and logical access security, where federal agencies may have specific guidelines for controlling physical and logical access.

Whether you are looking to eliminate or simplify passwords, implement 2 factor authentication, or elevate the IT security of your entire organization, Capture Technologies provides complete end-to-end solutions and service.