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Photo ID Software

Identity Manager BadgePassIdentity Manager Enterprise ID software from BadgePass is the only 100% open badging platform in the industry, allowing for easy system expansion and seamless integration with any other card application on the market.

Identity Manager benefits:

  • Simplifies with a single point of enrollment
  • Credential issuance & identity management across all BadgePass modules
  • Helps manage users and identities within the system
  • Ability to create customized work flows and enforce security policies


IDCentre ID SoftwareIDCentre identification software helps to accelerate production and promote security while ensuring quality and efficiency in your ID card program. Tailored for seamless migration, this flexible software makes it easy to incorporate new functionality as your program grows and changes. It offers four specialized editions:

    • Lite identification software for start-up ID card programs
    • Bronze identification software for basic card design and printing
    • Silver identification software for modular card design and production
    • Gold identification software for advanced security and smart card capabilities


WebID DatacardWebID is a server based software and is a perfect choice for organizations with more than one location. You maintain secure control of all ID data and card designs, as well as save money vs. workstation based software. View data from any PC on the network. Allow for data entry (such as Visitor pre-registration) from any workstation. Connect to a central database such as HR or Network Directory.

      • Reduce operating and maintenance costs
      • Provide real-time security information
      • Allow simultaneous database access


TruCredential SoftwareTruCredential Suite Software empowers organizations to meet a wide range of application requirements, from basic photo IDs to high-assurance credentials. This flexible, powerful platform comes in four user-friendly editions:

    • TruCredential Express for printing and designing basic ID cards
    • TruCredential Plus for card design and printing, plus database support, enrollment and additional signature capture and reports
    • TruCredential Professional for multiple workstations, smart card support, advanced credential design, reports, data capture and enrollment tools
    • TruCredential Enterprise for enterprise-wide, high-assurance credential design including smart card support, reports, data capture and enrollment tools, plus built in integration with access control and HR systems