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Parking and Transit Passes

Transit PassTransit Pass Solutions That Are Easy To Use & Effortless To Maintain

Make parking and transit as simple as possible with our card printing solutions. With our transit pass solutions, cars can park and commuters can ride faster than ever before. With the power of contactless smart card technologies, transactions can be made instantly. Our applications can be used on all forms of transit, parking lots, meters and ramps. These solutions can also be used at tolls to make travelers lives easier. Not only will travelers be pleased with the service, you’ll also be happy with the operational costs.

  • Convenient access for riders
  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower traffic congestion with contactless cards
  • Reduce staffing needs for lots and ramps
  • Print high volumes for multiple transit systems
  • Fraud Protection – With a rider’s photo ID no more sharing passes and losing money!
  • Ease-of-use needed to increase ridership
  • Minimize operating and maintenance costs by managing a single database.
  • Provide security teams with real-time information to help improve decision-making
  • Help ensure every facility has access to the latest card designs for each type of enrollee.
  • Allow multiple users to access the database simultaneously.
  • Fast, accurate enrollment with pre-defined list fields, drop-down menus, etc.

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