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Metal Stamping & Marking Solutions

Metal EmbossersCapture Technologies offers a wide selection of metal plate embossing and marking machines used for embossing, debossing, indenting and marking metal plates and tags that are durable and can withstand tarnish, paint, corrosion and environmental damage​. Applications include manufacturing, utilities, power plants, oil and gas facilities, botanical gardens, and the U.S. Military for dog tags and medical alert tags.

Our metal embossers are fast, strong and built to give you more flexibility. Improve your work performance by choosing a high quality embosser that can make your job easier.

Some embossers and dot peen marking machines are capable of producing a 2D data matrix barcode on metal tags that can be scanned with a 2D data matrix barcode handheld scanner for automatic data collection and tracking. A metal plate barcode tracking software is available for seamless integration of asset ID and tracking.

Metal tag ​stamping and marking machines can be configured to work with various tags and plates of different metal types, shapes and sizes to accommodate various identification and tracking applications.

Types of Metal Plate Stamping & Marking Machines:
  • Dog Tag Stamping Machines
  • Portable Metal Plate Stamping Machines
  • Manual Metal Plate Stamping & Marking Machines
  • Automatic Metal Plate Stamping Machines
  • Dot Peen Metal Marking Machines
  • Metal Plate Laser Marking Machines
Blank Metal Plate and Tags:
  • Mill Finished aluminum
  • Tin Plate Steel
  • Galvanized Soft Temper
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Anodized Aluminum

Applications include:
  • Military ID
  • Dog Tags
  • Aluminum Cable
  • Model ID Tags
  • Repair Part Tags
  • Labeling Plants at Botanical Gardens
  • Product ID
  • Identification of plant machinery
  • Equipment maintenance logging
  • Valve/ pipe / tube tagging
  • Work in progress
  • Facility maintenance management
Used by:
  • Lumber Industry
  • Timber Industry
  • Construction
  • Liquid or fluid processing plants
  • Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Botanical