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Membership & Loyalty Cards

Grocery Market Loyalty CardCreate customer loyalty with flawless loyalty cards

Membership and loyalty card systems are an easy way to track frequent visits and purchases at any loyalty or membership facility. Capture Technologies can implement loyalty programs that reward customers with discounts, bonuses or incentives based on the customers’ visiting and spending habits. Customer loyalty cards and membership cards make a statement about your service. With our card printing capabilities, you can start printing creative cards that will keep your customers happy. Retailers of all kinds use customer cards to keep their rewards, discounts and offers all in one place. Customer cards not only make life easier for your customers, they also help businesses to create more revenue and stay organized.

We work with organizations to design, produce, and integrate a membership or loyalty card system for customers or members, including programs like seasonal passes and frequent shopper cards. From basic programs to more sophisticated programs, Capture has the hardware and technology to implement a system for all sorts of membership and loyalty programs.

Key Benefits:

  • Create customer loyalty with loyalty cards
  • Offer reward points, discounts and perks
  • Track customer data
  • Add bar codes, magnetic stripes or smart cards for personalization
  • Identify members who have special privileges

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