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MaxMobileConnect Your Office With Your Smartphone

MaxMobile brings your corporate PBX capability to your smartphone. Dial as if you were at your desk, have your work number ring you wherever you are, and have the ability to hold, transfer and conference, right from your smartphone.

Call Screen
MaxMobile provides all of the PBX call controls; extension & external dialing, conference, transfer, and hold. From here users may also access the Directory and Favorites screens to initiate communications with saved contacts.

MaxMobile allows users to select both Extension users and personal contacts to create their Favorites list. Extension users will display real-time presence information. Click an entry to call.

Call Log
Calls may be returned by clicking on an entry. Incoming calls are shown with a right arrow, the left arrow represents outbound calls, and missed calls are indicated by an exclamation point.

Access the directory for one-click dialing to your corporate contacts.

Visual Voicemail
Integrates with Exchange server for true unified messaging. Visual Voicemail is streamed from the server and displays the Caller ID and name, and users may save or forward the message, or click to return the call.