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Logical Access Security

Logical Access Control Systems

With the advent of physical access control systems, the need to secure more than just doors and gateways appeared, giving rise to integrated solutions that also included logical security. Capture Technologies offers logical access control system (LACS) solutions that are fully compatible with their physical counterparts, to help enterprises of all types repel attacks on their networks and infrastructure systems by those seeking private company information and customer or employee data.

Physical and logical access

The IdentityGuard software authentication platform is a comprehensive logical security solution that enables organizations to deploy strong authentication, support physical and logical access control, and secure authorized mobile devices that co-exist within the infrastructure. IdentityGuard offers the widest range of authenticators on the market-16 different choices, including, but not limited to, smartcards, digital certificates, tokens, biometrics, and passwords-all from a single, cost-effective platform.

Access Cards

For personnel identification and integration between your systems, we offer a selection of contactless smart cards that increase security, provide for use of multiple applications within a single card, and may save you money versus traditional proximity reader/card options. We can provide multiple applications for your organization to give you a true multi-function card, issued seamlessly using Multi-application Open Card Architecture (MOCA™) which allows for tighter security, greater flexibility, and lower per-card costs compared to other products on the market.

Capture Technologies also offers proximity and contactless card readers for easy and convenient card access control solutions for your facility. Proximity readers are attractive, cost-effective, and well suited for interior and exterior applications. Our proximity reader/card solutions are also compatible with many other physical access control technologies offered in the market. Proximity credentials are deliverable in several different forms, including highly durable clamshells, ISO-style for printing custom artwork for identification, and key fob-style for key rings.