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Law Enforcement ID Badges

Protecting Those That Protect and Serve
Communities depend on law enforcement to keep them safe and secure – but law enforcement professionals require their own trusted security. Photo ID cards empower you to quickly and easily identify faces and protect places, adding a critical layer of security that seamlessly integrates with access control systems. Our ID systems deliver affordable value to match tight budgets, making it easier to justify the cost of implementing photo IDs for all law enforcement employees.

The benefits are wide-ranging:

  • Enhanced security. Instantly identify officers and know at a glance who is authorized to be on-site.
  • Flexible applications. In addition to visual identification, your ID cards can control access to buildings, connected devices and networks. One single ID card can manage all access privileges for an employee.
  • Simplified operations. Both our identification software and our ID card printers offer user-friendly operation to maximize productivity. Staff can begin issuing ID cards after just a few simple minutes of training.
  • A sense of community. Create ID cards that showcase the visual brand identity of your organization and reinforce a sense of community. You can even create different ID badges for different departments, positions, or visitors.
  • A dependable investment. Every day, law enforcement agencies are faced with budget challenges. Capture Technologies’ ID systems provide a cost-effective security and access control solution, backed by many years of industry-leading experience that protects your investment.

Tactile Impression Feature

tactile impressionTactile impression feature is available as an option with the Datacard CD800 card printer with inline lamination. The feature creates an impression on the card substrate that you can see and feel. The tactile impression process uses a unique die to create the impression, which differs from the embossing or indenting technology available today. When used with a patch laminate, it helps make the card tamper evident and provides a higher level of security.

Similar to holographic overlays, a one-of-a-kind tactile design can be created specifically for your card program.

Contact us to learn how.

UV Cards
Another widely used option to enhance the protection and color of your card solution is UV security printing. Add fluorescent images or texts in a specific color of your choice to enable easy verification and additional security to your card.