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Key Management

Highest Security Asset Control

We offer several styles of electronically controlled cabinets to store, audit and manage your keys and assets. You can personalize these devices to secure a wide variety of sensitive items. However, keys remain our customer’s main focus for asset retention. The two most widely utilized methods for storing keys are through direct entrapment and/or Tamper-Proof Key Rings®. Access is assigned to one or more users based on configuration through GFMS™ Software. PIN access is standard and a host of other access options are available.

  • Tamper proof key rings
  • High security, electronically controlled cabinets
  • Wall mounted SWAT lockers
  • Custom engineering
  • Vel-Key® products that increase security & productivity through simple effective key organization.

Download our brochure on Key Management or contact us for more information on how this solution can best audit & manage your keys & assets. 

Key Asset Management Brochure