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K-12 Visitor Management

K-12 Visitor Manager

Easy electronic registration and tracking of visitors and volunteers

Visitor management is critical to campus safety but far too often is left to an unattended, self-sign-in station. Active visitor management greatly increases campus security and provides an important layer of safety for your students and staff. Visitors simply scan their state- issued ID for instant verification against district and school registers and against the National sex offender database. Sex-offenders and anyone prohibited from campus, triggers a silent alert allowing designated staff to immediately respond.

Best of all, you can enjoy the benefits of a fully-featured visitor management solution with the ability to expand to access control software and print photo ID cards all from the same system.

Features and benefits Include:

  • Driver’s License Scanning
  • National Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Ban visitors from Internal Watch List
  • Notify guests upon visitor arrival
  • Customized badge designs
  • Web-based reporting

Expiring School Badges

These Visitor Management badges look like regular visitor badges, but slowly reveal visual indicators over a pre-determined period of time. These indicators appear gradually and, when fully visible, provide a clear indicator that a visitor badge is no longer valid.