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K-12 School Student ID Cards

Create a Safe Campus With School ID Cards & Student ID Tracking

Schools of all sizes are now looking for new ID solutions to create a more secure environment for students and staff. Elementary schools, middle schools and high schools are all looking for the most efficient card printer that can handle any job. From high to medium volume printing we have a number of different solutions for you to choose from.

Here are just a few ways that K-12 schools are effectively using student IDs today.

Student ID Card

Download K-12 Security white paper here.

  • Photo identification to identify students
  • Tracking of ​checked ​out ​school ​library ​books
  • Bus ​tracking
  • Tardy & ​attendance ​tracking
  • School ​lunch ​food point of ​sale
  • School event tracking
  • Access control for multiple buildings
  • Photo IDs for event admission
  • Add student schedules to student ID cards