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Hotel Safety

Life Safety in Hotels

Any profession that involves working with the public includes the risk of violence, and hospitality workers are no exception. Given the size of many hotels and resorts, ensuring an immediate response to an emergency situation is no small feat. Additionally, many hospitality workers frequently work alone and it becomes clear why a mobile personal duress alarm system that can provide instant notification of life safety situations, along with location information, is a necessity for the hospitality industry.

Violence in Hotels

According to a U.S. Department of Labor survey, “nearly five percent of the 7.1 million private industry business establishments in the United States had an incident of workplace violence within the 12 months prior.” In fact, roughly two million Americans are victims of workplace violence every year, and those who work with the public are most at risk. As a result, hotels are rightfully concerned with employee safety. While it is impossible to entirely eliminate the threat of violence a personal duress alarm system can greatly reduce it, and can direct help when it is needed – and where it is needed – in an emergency situation.

Physical Assaults on Housekeeping

In the wake of high-profile sexual assaults at New York City hotels, the prevalence of attacks on housekeeping staff has come to light. Hotel chains are beginning to require staff to carry panic buttons to allow employees to alert security officials for help should an incident occur. Our personal duress alarm system uses the system’s unique positioning technology to provide precise location information whenever a panic button is activated, so that security staff knows exactly where to respond to an emergency alarm.

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