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Hosted Skype for Business

Fully Hosted Skype for Business – Powered by Microsoft®

Skype for Business is the world’s leading Unified Communications platform, providing users with an unparalleled collaboration experience.

We provide hosted Skype for Business as part of a complete managed services offering, including desktop phones and devices, SIP trunks, installation, training and support. Our single supplier approach ensures that your installation will be straightforward, easy to manage and fully supported.

Integrating all of the ways you communicate and collaborate can increase productivity, simplify your workflow and increase your profitability.

Key Features:

Benefits of Skype for Business:


Increased Employee Productivity: Meet from anywhere, make faster decisions in real-time and collaborate more easily by using instant messaging, audio and video.
Trusted Communications Platform: Securely integrate with existing business IT networks and applications to create a complete UC and IP telephony package.

Improved Customer Service: Give your organization the ability to reach millions of users around the world.
Monetary Savings: Low, predictable monthly costs with no set up fees or hidden charges. No longer a need to purchase hardware and licenses.

Simple: All UC capabilities are delivered from the cloud—fully integrated and hassle free.
Integration With Office 365: As users log in their status is also reflected in Office 365 email accounts and it syncs up with Outlook contacts, making it just a click away to schedule a meeting or use Outlook calendar for upcoming events.