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Hospital Equipment Maintenance Software

Medical EquipmentManaging a Large Workforce Across Several Service Departments

The HEMS management system was designed to meet the new challenges of cross-departmental work management and cross-corporation reporting.

  • Efficiently maintain your inventory with automated maintenance, device tracking and communications
  • Organize & translate disjointed data into meaningful action items for your staff
  • Ensure facility, interdepartmental and individual accountability
  • See the scope of work for each member of your team at any time
  • Easily segment tasks by department, facility and/or individual
  • Always know where you stand on the backlog, and whether or not you’re making progress
  • Delegate high priority work and hold team members accountable

The HEMS enterprise software will simplify your work in the following areas with these modules.

  • Inventory Management: Equipment Inventory, Work Orders, & Parts
  • Maintenance Tasks: Preventive Maintenance, Procedures and Tasks Module
  • Employee Performance: Labor Management, Employee Productivity & Delegation by department
  • Administration: Reports, Requests, Contract Management & Risk Assessment
  • Remote Interface: access your data from any device, and disseminate information instantly.

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