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Higher Education Tracking Solutions


1. Track Events Including: People - Locations - Assets

EPICTrack Handhelds

2. Choose One or Multiple Tracking Devices

  • Track students, staff & alumni on or off school property.
  • Track routine school activity or special events.
  • Know who is attending an event, when they checked in and out, and if they have an asset assigned to them during that event.
  • Assign assets such as computer equipment, books or athletic equipment to students or staff.
  • Track hours spent doing community service, attending meetings, lab time or continuing education hours.
Our tracking solutions can easily be integrated with handhelds, smart phones, or tablet devices to have more mobility while managing one or multiple sites. Easily scan IDs at each entrance/exit and track students and staff as they come and go. Track all activity on and off site and view online reports from any workstation with internet connectivity.   Contact us today to schedule a demo or set up a trial.

3. Track Activity at Locations On & Off-Site

Tracking Students

4. Subscribe to the Cloud Server

Student Tracking

5. Generate Online Reports on Events from Your Desk