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Healthcare Employee ID Cards

Identification is needed in all types of environments, but especially in healthcare facilities.  Our photo ID badges not only help to keep hospital workers and patients safe, but they also create more convenient access to hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities.  With our ID card printers, you can also have the ability to create visitor IDs, ensuring that everyone is identified.  However, that’s only the beginning of what you can create with an ID badge maker.

Key Benefits:

  • Healthcare insurance cards
  • Healthcare employee photo ID badges
  • Patient and Visitor IDs
  • Customer loyalty cards for your healthcare facility
  • Custom name tags
  • Custom ID badges
  • Link to a centralized database of images and information that integrates with your employee access control and time-and-attendance systems
  • Verify identities on-screen when employees enter secure areas or forget their IDs
  • Track inventory and automate time and attendance records
  • Control access to labs and other critical areas with multi-technology employee IDs
  • Ensure ease-of-use with intuitive solutions that integrate with HIS technology

Healthcare organizations need to drive patient loyalty, reduce operating costs and increase patient safety. Using a patient ID tracking system to correctly identify patients throughout their entire healthcare experience from admission to discharge is essential.

Healthcare solutions can automate patient registration while making patient and provider interactions more satisfying for patients and more efficient, secure, and profitable for the healthcare organization. Custom solutions can help decrease costs, improve quality of care, and quickly identify patient alert/safety indicators.