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Health Monitoring

Critical Cameras

Monitor your surveillance system 24/7

Health monitoring is designed to help put user’s minds at ease. If you’re curious about the health of your security system, this is the software you’ll be using. With this solution, you can easily check on camera imaging, the system’s health, alarm history and recording storage space.

Using our system health monitoring software, your recorder will send email or text alerts if your system is down for extended periods of time. Extreme outages now last hours, instead of days. Our solutions system maintenance easy, so you can spend less time on the phone with tech support. Check your recorder’s internet connection. Find times of recorder failure or power outages. Receive hard drive and camera failure alerts.

Verify critical cameras are functioning properly

All of your camera features need to work together in order to produce high quality video. Our solutions provide system health monitoring unlike any software on the market.

Use the custom image verification tool to compare recorded footage to archived reference images. You can find lighting changes that erode video quality, or locate camera failures to help expedite system repairs.