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Fight fraud & maximize security in your government agency

In order to combat fraud, forgery and counterfeiting, government agencies need the right solutions to protect identities. Our card printing solutions can help government agencies to print flawless government identification cards that help to keep identities secure.

Capture Technologies works with federal, state and local government agencies to solve identity card and security issues. Experienced in complex credentialing projects large and small, we have solutions for government programs that involve identification and customer flow management. This allows agencies to print photo ID badges quickly and accurately with over-the-counter issuance, making sure that data is safe and recipients are satisfied. Our select features are custom made for government agencies, allowing the industry to print exactly the right type of identification.

  • Visual identification
  • Access control
  • Time tracking
  • Quick and accurate issuance

CA Small BusinessCapture Technologies is a CA Small Business offering ID card solutions to local & city governments & agencies. We have many years of experience working with organizations like yours.