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Life Safety in Government

Members of government – whether they be congressmen, staff, or judges – often become the focal point for citizens’ resentment. Those resentments can sometimes turn violent without provocation so it is imperative that every member of government have the ability to signal for help when help is needed. A personal duress alarm system gives a detailed location and information in an emergency situation and can greatly reduce incidents involving violence.

Violence in Government

Roughly two million Americans are victims of workplace violence every year, and those who work in government are disproportionately at risk. Judicial and government facilities throughout the country are faced with the daily challenge of keeping employees and citizens safe. While it is impossible to entirely eliminate the threat of violence in government facilities, in an emergency situation a per can direct help when it is needed, where it is needed, and to whom it is needed.

Assault in the Courtroom

Courtrooms are often emotionally charged environments, where tempers and violence may erupt without provocation or warning. In fact, the benches in many federal courtrooms and state courtrooms are bulletproof, to provide some measure of protection for judges. In this kind of environment, a mobile duress alarm system capable of notifying security personnel of emergency situations is a necessity.

Government Applications

  • Mobile duress
  • Man down
  • Parking garage monitoring
  • Inclement weather warnings
  • HVAC system monitoring
  • Maintenance reminders