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EMV Chip Cards

EMV Chip CardThe change to EMV compliant cards is a complex process for financial institutions. You need to order new cards and your card design likely has to change due to introduction of the EMV chip. Capture Technologies can provide consultation on the decisions you need to make as you migrate to EMV, and can offer a competitive price on the card stock.

Deliver exceptional payment card experiences with our EMV smart card solutions. EMV debit cards and EMV credit cards are the most secure and globally interoperable form of payment card available, and you need an instant or central issuance solution that provides efficiency and flexibility in order to meet changing consumer expectations, optimize your investment and drive measurable results. Capture Technologies’ expertise and partnerships extend through every stage of EMV smart card program planning, production, deployment, and operation.

We can help you with the life cycle of your bank card program.

  • Project Management
  • EMV Chip Card Design
  • Secure fulfillment facilities
  • Order Processing
EMV Certified
Certified Smart Card Industry Professional The industry's only standardized certification program recognizing professionals with advanced smart card industry knowledge and experience.