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K-12 and higher education institutions need to balance creating an open environment for learning with protection of students, faculty, staff and assets. Limited budgets can be a challenge when stepping up security measures.

Access control and video management products help create a safer environment, yet can still be used effectively on an open campus. Some of our solutions are 100% web based, which makes them flexible, expandable elements of a fully distributed IP network architecture. As campus requirements change, it is easy and cost-effective to add capabilities to the system.

Our physical security management systems include features important to educational institutions such as integration of legacy access control and video systems, mobile security apps, and automatic reporting. Mobile security management allows campus safety staff to operate their system while on patrol, as well as initiate a lockdown in the event of an emergency.

As education is shifting toward more and more security, we have several products to keep in mind for your University or K-12 school.  Security cameras can help to deter crime and vandalism in your facilities.  In the event that a crime is committed, the act will be completely captured, with quality imaging.  No matter what your environment might look like, our cameras can help to shed light on dark areas and make sure that students stay safe.


We carry a number of different solutions for education, including a wide selection of IP video cameras.  IP video will give you the capability that you need to get quality images, even in the darkest of environments.  PTZ features (or Pan, Tilt, Zoom) will also give you the ability to scan the areas that need to be recorded.

Ask us about your options for cameras.  There are so many to choose from.  Whether you need something outdoors for the playground, or something indoors for the dormitories, we have an option for you.