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Driver’s License Scanning

Drivers License ScanningA faster and easier way to enroll users into your system with driver’s license scanning

SmartReg software utilizes advanced driver’s license scanning functionality to read the data stored in 2D barcodes and magstripes on the back of any state of federally issued ID and parse that information into any third party system. Fast and easy to use, SmartReg speeds up the enrollment process and helps to reduce manual data entry errors.

Facilities like casinos, hotels, hospitals and universities are often looking for an easier way to get user information into their system without the hassle of manually typing data in each time. With SmartReg, you can simply scan a person’s ID and all of their information is automatically populated onto the screen. It could not be easier!

SmartReg also helps to eliminate other costly problems like typing errors and duplicate records. This allows for an accurate database of all users, no matter what type of clientele you are working with.

Features and benefits Include:

  • Automated user enrollment
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors
  • Hot-key for multiple screen population
  • Pop-up messages