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Dispatch Manager

Unifiy your disparate command center technologies and security staff by fusing critical data input from emergency calls and responder activity to drive pinpoint response and enhance situational awareness. With traditional command centers relying mostly on call and radio updates, visibility can be limited when you need it the most.

Where are the best-suited responders? Is their status up-to-the-minute? Are their positions coordinated on a GIS map?

With Dispatch Manager, the command center can not only oversee a situation, but also engage with and direct the full spectrum of an organization’s response force.

Key Benefits

  • Help command and control get an accurate picture for improved response
  • Powerful combination with situation manager
  • Bi-Directional information flow for clear collaboration, seamless integration with Mobile Reporter & Mobile Responder
  • Alleviate issues across range of industries



Transform the Way Dispatch Sees & Engages Response Teams

By utilizing Mobile Responder, response forces can share their availability, mode of transportation, visual observations, and a live video feed directly to the dispatcher. Dispatch Manager’s automatic response protocol can automatically assign responders, or allow the dispatcher to see the positions of the entire force and be effective in assigning the best resources. As an incident progresses, time alerts can track service level agreement (SLA) commitments for service quality and dispatchers can easily identify the force’s positioning and re-assign priorities as new information comes in. With other systems and sensor inputs available from Situation Manager, the dispatcher can maintain high levels of situational awareness and keep responders equipped with relevant and timely information.

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