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Desktop Card Printers

Our desktop card printers offer convenience, speed and card issuance choices for many different industries. Our desktop printers have the capability to print in full color, with a double-sided option to create flawless photo ID badges for employees or your users.

Whether you are looking for a direct to card, oversized badge printing, or a retransfer printer solution, Capture Technologies has what’s right for your business with multiple capabilities for unique applications. With our solutions, badges can be used with access control technology, keeping your business safer.

With the use of photo ID badges in any industry, employers, educators, members and many others can be more secure, while still enjoying the benefits of your business. If you are already using a desktop card printing solution for your photo ID badges, you can rest assured that our seamless photo ID software can help you make an easy transition to a new desired brand. Photo identification card printing should be easy. Let us help you to keep it simple.