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Crisis Management


Download K-12 Security white paper here.

Offering a cost-effective, easily deployed, daily incident & crisis management solution using existing devices & networks.

Key Benefits:
  • Reduces notification time to responders using chat and email alerts
  • Provides instant visibility using dynamic floor plan maps.
  • Provides an event monitor in real time as well as an audit trail after an incident or crisis
  • Communications are enhanced through chat and email alerts to security officers and first responders.
  • Integration with video, access control, response plans, intercom and more expandingvresponse capabilities.
Our crisis lockdown alert status system expands communication and awareness during critical situations with a scalable and flexible solution for crisis management and enables awareness for other important emergencies including medical, missing person, disturbance, and more. The system provides real-time information for both on-site and emergency personnel through the use of graphical maps, chat, email and text messaging to assist in making split-second decisions. It provides real-time visibility when every second counts and protects what we value most.
The dynamic graphical map provides real-time status representing five color conditions. The conditions are completely configurable based on facility procedures (e.g. Green-Safe/Secure, Yellow-Unaccounted Individual, Blue-Medical Emergency, Orange-Disturbance, and Red-Crisis Condition).

Additionally, photo ID badging may be expanded beyond access capabilities to be used in libraries, cafeterias or at campus stores. Capture’s access control systems may be integrated with its video surveillance systems to further expand the safety and security capabilities to include a visual record tied to access control events.