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Strengthen security with a photo ID & visitor management solution

Photo ID badges for staff members and having a visitor badge system in place not only creates a more secure environment, but they can help improve security, safeguard assets and increase efficiency, which are all high priorities for corporations. There are numerous possibilities with today’s card printing capabilities, allowing you to keep the staff happy and the building secure. Capture Technologies offers a complete range of solutions to help accomplish this and more.

Many systems and solutions can be combined and integrated together. For example, a corporate ID badge can serve as a photo ID name badge, a cashless payment option, an access key card and also be used for time and attendance tracking. We also offer visitor manager solutions to track who comes into your building, where they go and when they leave.

Our ID solutions are durable, professional and multi-faceted to give you exactly what you’re looking for. We offer a variety of different styles and features to help you make colorful photo ID badges for everyone in your company.

  • Effectively manage visitors
  • Access control features for multiple facilities
  • Track assets, inventory, time and attendance
  • Increase productivity
  • Access control for IT networks
  • Enable cashless transactions