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Construction Asset & Tracking Solutions

A Simple Automated Identification and Accountability Program.

Integrate your pre-existing documented worker database and manage employee data including photo verification, certifications and licenses, emergency contact, etc. Track check in/out of documented workers and visitors at each job site as well as the assets assigned to them. Generate reports to review data from headquarters or any location with internet access to perform accurate payroll or audit support.

Identify and ManageIdentify & Manage Data
  • Enroll documented workers.
  • Print quality photo ID badges.
  • Issue IDs to visitors at job sites.
  • Manage employee data.
  • View certifications and licenses.
Asset ManagementAsset Management
  • Identify assets at job sites.
  • Assign assets to people.
  • Time stamp asset check in/out.
  • Track routine asset maintenance.
  • Manage Inventory levels.

Track ActivityTrack Activity
    • Check workers in/out of job sites.
    • Track visitors time spent on-site.
    • Scan IDs using smart phones or rugged scanners.
    • Perform real time status checks.
  • Run history reports on job site activity including people & assets.
  • View employee attendance and check in/out time stamps.
  • Generate reports at any time.


Contact us for solutions to these questions:

    • Do you have a method to identify your personnel, sub-contractors, anyone on your job site?
    • Would you like to be able to identify who is on your site from any workstation with internet connectivity?
    • Would you find value in being able to verify employee and sub-contractor work hours electronically?
    • Would the ability to scan an ID and see up to the minute certifications and training records on your smartphone or tablet be valuable to you?
    • Do you have the ability to verify who is on your site at the time of emergency or evacuation?