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Improve customer relationships with casino player cards

Give your customers quality casino player cards that they can use anywhere in the casino. We offer powerful new solutions for issuing player cards that help you connect with your customers. With our card printers, you can let your casino VIPs open doors with cards, while you track their attendance and spending habits.

  • Print cards as soon as guests arrive
  • Offer custom cards that enable greater market segmentation
  • Reduce cost by eliminating pre-printed card stock
  • Use blank stock to create player cards, VIP cards, room keys, employee badges & more
  • Integrate cards with access control, allowing players to use cards as keys
  • Load cards with rewards for players
  • Track gaming preferences and spending habits
  • Use smart cards to track attendance
Enroll Players Faster The speed of processing patrons through the enrollment process is vital to any casino. SmartReg allows for fast and accurate recall of the correct person’s record upon ID scan or automatic enrollment of new patrons by reading the electronic information from the ID card. Any information available on the Driver’s License or government issued ID can be populated into your enrollment screen. Save time, money and reduce duplicate records caused by errors, typos and common names. Learn More: SmartReg
Identify, Manage & Track Vendors Consider replacing your manual visitor log book with an electronic visitor management system for increased security and accountability in your facility. Easily enroll vendors and contractors in less than 6 seconds. Simply scan a Driver’s License, choose a purpose for the visit and automatically print a customized visitor badge. With BadgePass Visitor Manager, you will always have an accurate list of who is on the premises and data about those who have visited before. Learn More: Visitor Manager
Badge Employees Identifying casino employees is critical to the security of your facility. Consider implementing a Photo ID system that offers you the flexibility to design your own unique, high quality badges, enroll users and capture photos easily, while also giving you the flexibility to add any future application that you may want to use your badges for. Learn More: Identity Manager
Control Door Access Electronically Wouldn’t it be nice to have an audit trail of who has entered specific doors in the casino; especially those in highly secure areas? Access Manager can be implemented as an alternative means of controlled access throughout the casino, allowing you to grant and restrict access to secure areas in the building and run reports on who has access each door and when. You may even consider issuing VIP Players Club cards with special access to restricted gaming or lounges for your very best patrons. Learn More: Access Manager