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Card Stock

ID cards are used for much more than basic photo identification. New technology makes PVC cards ideal for school ID badges, employee badges, cashless payment cards, loyalty cards, health insurance cards and more. We carry everything from standard CR80 PVC cards (credit card size), to magnetic stripe cards, embedded security cards, LoCo, HiCo, as well as eco-friendly cards made of recycled materials.

For added security, we offer smart card and proximity card functionality.  Not only that, but we also offer combination cards for those who need to be able to get the most out of one single ID card.  These functionalities work well in a variety of different environments.  Just some of the applications may include: access control, cashless vending, cafeteria services and transportation.

With our options, you can also print holograms, signature panels, magnetic encoding, full bleed and non-bleed printing and offset printing.

Types of PVC cards:

Don’t know the difference between HiCo and LoCo cards? Read our blog to find out more.