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Biometric Patient Identification Safety System

RightPatient® is the healthcare industry’s most versatile and scalable biometric patient safety and patient data integrity system, leveraging a powerful cloud-based intelligence engine to recognize patients by simply capturing their photo.

This unique patient identification system allows healthcare providers to improve patient safety, revenue cycle, and data integrity by locking medical records with a photo and biometric signature. Interfaces already exist for various EHR systems, including Epic, Cerner®, McKesson, Meditech, CPSI and more.

How It Works:

RightPatient is a biometric patient ID solution that links a patient's unique biometric template to their electronic medical record1. Patient Enrollment

In a few seconds, RightPatient® captures and links a patient’s photograph and biometric data to his/her electronic medical record.

RightPatient prevents duplicate medical records and mitigates healthcare fraud 2. Prevent Duplicate Medical Records

RightPatient checks existing enrollments to prevent duplicate medical records, chart corrections, and patient fraud.

identify patients accurately with the RightPatient biometric patient ID solution using photo biometrics3. Biometric Patient Identification

Returning patients simply take their picture. In seconds, RightPatient identifies the patient, retrieves the correct medical record, and displays the patient photo.