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Audio & Screen Recording

Audio & Screen RecordingInnovative audio and screen recording platform for capturing, recording, storing and analyzing customer interactions

The cornerstone of any WFO solution is reliable, flexible and scalable audio and screen recording. Capture Technologies offer the industry’s leading interaction recording tool which has robust functionality for contact centers of all types and sizes. Available through a completely modular
delivery model with the ability to integrate with a wide-variety of telephony platforms our solutions are ready-made to pay immediate dividends for your operation.

Features include:

  • Optimize The Customer Experience – With customer interactions reliably recorded and deep integration that captures extensive metadata, you can quickly retrieve content and accurately review it for reference and advanced staff training.
  • Reduce Costs – Our unique modular delivery and concurrent licensing model can save you up to 20-50%.
  • Ensure Compliance & Mitigate RiskHave confidence that 100% of customer interactions are securely recorded to help you meet regulatory compliance.
  • Improve Efficiency – Securely and easily manage acquisition, storage, retrieval and playback and lets agents control interaction recordings directly from their desktop and through CRM applications.